Bulletproof Cars and Conversions

We can do amazing things with our vehicles on top of the armoring benefits we provide. See this recently shipped blacked out 2014 armored Escalades. Also take a look at what other options are available.

Custom Armoring Solutions

Come visit us to see for yourself. Have the next car you purchase be upgraded with bulletproof armor protection.

Bulletproof Vehicle Options

We are THE armoring authority. First and foremost a manufacturer, International Armoring Corporation offers high-end, quality bulletproof protection for all types of cars and models. 

Armored Cars with Benefits

Come visit our international facilities and receive custom work in the country you need around the world. Have your next vehicle be armored in the event of an attack.


Founded in 1993, IAC has manufactured over 8,000 armored cars worldwide. IAC provides and helps with anything relating to bulletproof vehicles. A majority of our clients live within a 5-hour flight to one of our facilties. We invite you to visit us.


International Armoring Corporation uses patented, lightweight synthetic armor laminates (Armormax), molded to fit the bulletproof vehicle rather than modifying the vehicle. Our quality and products are trusted by CEOs, Heads of State, and Celebrities.


A testament to the quality of the final product, IAC armored vehicles are battle-tested and proven to stand up during an actual attack. We have over 350+ known attacks worldwide and thousands of clients that trust us with their lives for the past 20+ years.

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