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Armored passenger vehicles-for more information call +801-393-1075

Only company in the world with the WeldFree™ System for armoring cars

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    Armored Mercedes S550 | Armored G55 AMG | Armored Toyota Camry | Armored Suburban        Armored BMW 750Li | Armored Jeep Grand Cherokee | Armored Toyota Land Cruiser | Armored Range Rover | Armored Lexus LX570 | Armored Porsche Cayenne | Armored Tahoe
| Armored Mercedes S600 | Armored Mercedes G550 | Armored Cash in Transit Vans

  • We are the Vehicle Armoring Company of choice by the top auto manufacturers and World Governments.
  • Buy bulletproof vehicles direct from the manufacturer IAC
  • Lightest armor in the industry
  • Nearly 8,000 armored vehicles produced
  • Numerous manufacturing facilities worldwide for bullet proof vehicles
  • Leader in armored car and bulletproof vehicles technology
  • Certified Protection

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International Armoring Corporation® stands alone as the industry's standard-setting manufacturer of customized vehicle armoring solutions, and a purveyor of the most effective automotive bulletproofing technology known to man. Armormax® is a name trusted by the world's top auto manufacturers, government officials and corporate executives.  The Armormax® technology is solely used by International Armoring Corporation. Options to purchase custom bulletproof cars (such as our custom-armored BMW 7 Series) and bulletproof transport vehicles (such as our Armored Toyota Land Cruiser and Armored Hummer H2) directly from International Armoring Corporation® are available.

International Armoring is the developer and manufacturer of the lightest vehicular armor in the industry, and the most efficient transport security solutions in the world. IAC® and Armormax® products have been fitted to nearly 8,000 armored vehicles. As well, IAC® has dedicated numerous manufacturing facilities in multiple countries to their efforts to more effectively deliver bullet proof vehicles to clients on a world scale. Learn about becoming a distributor.

Custom bulletproof vehicles that we commonly perform conversions on include:
Armored Audi                                   Bulletproof Range Rover
Armored BMW                                Bulletproof Mercedes-Benz
Armored Lexus                                   Bulletproof Landcruisers
Armored Hummers                                   Bulletproof Suburbans
and other like-models with ballistic Armormax® materal.

Your leader in armoured car techology, and the first-choice manufacturer of specialty armored cars for top corporations, political leaders, government parties, and high-profile clientele around the world.


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