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Bomb Blankets


Our bomb blankets are designed to absorb the impact from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and lessening the shrapnal associated with pipe bombs, hand grenades, and other framents around explosives.

The Armormax™ technology from International Armoring provides a lightweight, flexible bomb suppression blanket that better absorbs the blast impact and resulting fragmentation minimizing blast impact.

Bomb blankets can be used for:

IED/IOD operations
Demining operations
Blast suppression in nuclear facilities, high-risk government and non-government buildings
Ballistic-blast protection in vehicle and aircraft interiors and flooring


  • Standard Features
  • Rapid deployment
  • NIJ Threat Level IIIA ballistic protection
  • Lightweight and flexible (can be carried by one person)
  • Fire resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Removable and washable outer cover
  • Reinforced carry/mount straps
  • Built in grommets upon request

Made For:

  • Aircraft
  • Maritime
  • Transport vehicles
  • Light Armored Vehicles
  • Armed Services Personnel
  • High-value Assets
  • Tactical Command Centers
  • Embassy Staff
  • Government and Non-Government (NGO) facilities
  • External Perimeters
  • Windows
  • Doorways

Standard Ballistics:

  • Level IIIA V50 @620m/s
  • Tested to MILSPEC and NATO STANAG 2920 or MIL-STD 662F fragmentation requirements
  • Standard Fragmentation/Blast Protection from:
  • 2 DM-51 Hand Grenades
  • 1 lb. pipe bombs