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Armormax Ballistic Glass Featured in Viral Video

Over the weekend, Armormax partnered with Waterjet Channel to feature bulletproof glass. The video displays ballistic glass getting shot multiple times with a rifle. The video also shows the bulletproof glass being cut open with a 60,000 PSI waterjet. The ballistic glass contains layers of both glass and plastic which are used to catch the bullet […]

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1 Car Hijacked Every 32 Minutes in South Africa

South Africa: ‘1 car hijacked every 32 minutes’ Related Links More than 1400 cars hijacked every month – SAPS crime stats Hijacking in SA: 76.5% of motorists ‘solve’ incidents themselves By Janine Van der Post South Africa – According to statistics released by the South African Police Service in March 2017, a total of 12 […]


International Armoring Featured in Forbes Magazine

Recently, International Armoring Corporation was featured in Forbes Magazine (a very respectable U.S. business magazine). We thought that you may enjoy reading about our company. Article: Forbes Article In the article, it goes over a summary of why people needs armored cars and the different features they can have, including the difference between B4 and B6. The […]

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Armored Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne In today’s world, conflicts and hot-spots are very common. As a counter-action against these dangerous areas, armored cars are becoming more and more common, including an armored Porsche Cayenne. However, these vehicles are defensive and meant to escape and stay safe during a dangerous situation rather than deal damage to an attacker.  The level […]


Animagraffs Presidential Protection Profile

International Armoring was excited to partner and work with Animagraffs on their recent presidential profile. Get Armormax inside your vehicle. A layered view of an armored car. A description of the ballistic materials involved and how it can stop a bullet. How the run flat tires and engine work with the armored car. A 3D […]

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Special Armored Vehicle Hummer H2 Police

Warlike appearance in the ceremony for troops protecting major events, the special armored vehicle Hummer H2 Police made many people admire. However, not until 70 years Exhibition of Economic Achievements – Social at Giang Vo Exhibition (Hanoi) in September 2015, when the Ministry of Public Security formally introduced the new car lovers admire conditional access […]

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More Common Bulletproof Car Questions and Answers

Here are more common bulletproof car questions and answers from International Armoring Corporation. 1. How thick is ballistic glass? Glass thickness ranges from 21mm to 70mm, as you can see in President Obama’s Beast that uses our technology. US Headquarters: 2. Am I reading the results of the studies you sent […]

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Solving Your Protection Needs

Solving your protection needs: If you are supremely concerned about your security against various attacks there are a number of steps that you can take with your vehicle to prevent an attempt on your life or to protect you in the worst case scenario. Here are some of the top solutions you should consider for […]

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Opening New Armoring Facilities

New Armoring Factories – The Things to Consider It is common knowledge that we we live in a particularly uncertain world (given the violence, political news, and social injustice everywhere). With a massive increase in different attacks, ranging from domestic to foreign and terrorist, your security should be the uttermost priority. It’s quintessential to make […]

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Not All Protection is Created Equal

The need for protection should never be overlooked. However, we understand purchasing an armored car can be a drastic change from your regular life. Depending on where you live, where you work, or what your job entails, you may feel safer with an armored vehicle. If your work or lifestyle is such that these precautions do […]