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Armormax Safe Rooms by International Armoring Corporation

Ever since International Armoring Corporation's (IAC) inception in 1993, it has been searching for additional ways to bring safety to its clients. International Armoring is now utilizing their revolutionary bulletproof Armormax armoring material for various home security solutions.  Armormax provides the highest protection for both people and goods. With Armormax, International Armoring has developed Safe Rooms, with doors and walls strengthened and protected with Armormax bulletproof material. This is a security solution to the growing threat of crime and violence in home invasions. With home invasions and security threats on the rise, many people are looking for solutions to the problem. International Armoring is here to help.
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Just as Armormax provides protection from guns and explosives on vehicles, the Armormax in the walls and doors of Safe Rooms do the exact same, but on an even higher level. Armormax turns an ordinary room into a bunker-like room for the protection of loved ones and of precious items. Not limited to bullets, the Safe Room can also provide protection against fire, natural disasters and blasts. Safe Rooms are inconspicous, and draw very little attention to themselves. Just as many homes in various parts of the country have dedicated rooms for storm shelters, Safe Rooms provide protection from these storms and so much more.

Technology behind safe room doorsArmormax Security Diagram
Each Safe Room is constructed in kits that can be transported to a specified area and constructed on location.  The Armormax doors in Safe Rooms are ballistically sound doors, which are able to withstand attempts at forced entry much longer than a regular door. In addition to alarm systems, Safe Rooms provide physical barriers to give you enough time to protect yourselves and your loved ones against virtually any threat that may come your way. These features create a level of security within your home. Materials are independently certified, giving you piece of mind over your precious belongings. 

The Armormax bulleproof armored material allows for custom fitting to create a door that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The rooms can be free standing or fixed in existing rooms.  The doors will maintain functionality allowing for changed keys, exposure to weather conditions and the possibility to change panel levels in the future. For more information on this revolutionary feature in home security contact us today.

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