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Ballistic Police Riot Shields

Armormax makes custom ballistic riot shields that can assist any law enforcement or group with a perceived threat. Want a 20′ x 72′ shield that will withstand 7.62 x .39 rounds and AR-15s? Done. Want a glass insert? Done. Want a shield large enough to protect 5 individuals at the same time? Done. Need customized straps and handles to fit your particular needs? Done.

Want the lightest high-powered rifle shields on the market?

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Ballistic Specification for B6

(High-Powered Rifle Protection)

  • .357 Magnum (full metal jacket, coned bullet, or soft core), 10.2 g, 425 ms / 158gr. 1450 fps
  • 9mm Luger (full metal jacket, round nose or soft core), 8 g., 381 ms / 124gr. 1250 fps,
  • .44 Magnum (Full metal jacket, flat nose, or soft core), 15.6 g, 460 ms / 240gr 1510 fps
  • 7.62 X 39mm, 9.3g, 713ms / 145 gr., 2,430 fps
  • 7.62 X 39mm, 7.9g, 822 ms / 123 gr., 2,697 fps
  • .223 Caliber, 45 gr., 919 mps / 3,200 fps
  • .308 7.62 x 51mm (full metal jacket – copper, pointed bullet), 9.8 g, 820 m/s.
  • .308 7.62 x 51mm M80 (full metal jacket – steel, pointed bullet, or soft core), 9.5 g, 2,700 fps 830 m/s.

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