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Learn more about bulletproof Dodge options from Armormax. Interested in getting an armored Dodge make or model? Call 801-393-1075 today.

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The armored Dodge Promaster is a working van that offers great utility and storage to serve a variety of purposes You can armor your van with Armormax® in the passenger or cargo version The bulletproof version can be...

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Technology is what can separate the leaders from the followers It makes muscle cars stronger and cars that offer entertainment choices even more epic As one of the most powerfully equipped armored vehicles in the world and what...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Armored truck CIT Van Mercedes Sprinter

27 Mar '19

What Really Is An Armored Truck?

What Really Is An Armored Truck? In 2019 while it is pretty common to see an armored truck to carry goods or CIT (cash in transit), this hasn't always been like this. Several decades ago, whenever someone needed to carry…

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Bulletproof Jeep SRT TrailHawk with Armormax Off Roading

17 Jun '20

4 Important Things You Should Check on Your Car Regularly

Day after day, you rely on your car to get you and your loved ones from place to place safe and sound (see armored car protection). If you fail to maintain the condition of your vehicle properly, your negligence can…

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bulletproof dodge charger hellcat by armormax

04 Jan '19

2018 in Review Latest in Armoring Cars

Armormax 2018 in Review What Security Measures are you Taking in 2019? We are now releasing our 2018 year in review, highlighting the major ways Armormax changed the armoring industry and perfected the ability to add protection and safety throughout…

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Bulletproof dodge charger hellcat

07 Sep '18

World’s First Bulletproof Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Fully armored Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat just completed by Utah’s Armormax® Ogden, Utah (September 5, 2018) Armormax (a division of International Armoring Corporation of Utah) used their lightweight armoring system to complete a 2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat. The customer-provided vehicle comes…

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