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See our bulletproof Nissan section. Learn more about how we can armor your Nissan make and model. See how you can drive in an armored Nissan that protects you and your family.

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The armored Nissan Patrol has an understated yet classy exterior that makes it appropriate for any occasion - it is also one of the most popular armored vehicles in the world Although you would never be able to tell that this car...

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Bulletproof Nissan Armada - The latest armoured Nissan Armada with Armormax Get a new vehicle with an upgrade lightweight armoring conversion We replace the original glass with multi-layered ballistic NIJ (B4-B7) certified glass...

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11 Aug '12

Local Utah Armoring Company Offers James Bond Gadgetry

By Standard Examiner   Ogden Company adds armor plating and other security gadgets to vehicles for customers around the globe OGDEN -- While U.S. auto manufacturers clamor for federal bailout money, a local company is making big bucks selling bullet-proof…

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Bulletproof Infiniti QX 56 Armormax

06 Feb '15

Armored Car Company Features Recent Work

International Armoring Corporation is an armored car company that was founded on the basic principle of manufacturing the finest, most technologically advanced armored passenger vehicles in the world. ¬†IAC is able to create armored passenger vehicles, which are far superior…

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27 Apr '13

Bulletproof Mercedes GL 450 by International Armoring Corporation

Armored Manufacturer: International Armoring Corporation Model:¬†Bulletproof Mercedes Benz GL 450 Level: B6+ able to withstand high-powered Contact: 801-393-1075 Web: www.armormax.com Reviews: EDITOR WES RAYNAL: I'm loving the new Mercedes-Benz GL-class family. Drove the diesel last weekend and was mighty impressed.…

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20 Oct '14

Popular Armored Vehicles

Top 10 Most Popular Armored Cars Worldwide Luxury sports cars are the favorite choice of celebrities and athletes. But for some individuals more security is needed to protect themselves and their families from a variety of threats. For this reason,…

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