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See our bulletproof Chrysler section. Learn more about how we can armor your Chrysler and other vehicles with our advanced technology that saves lives.

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The armored Chrysler 300 is a large five-passenger sedan with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive It is designed to appeal to consumers desiring something with a bit more personality than a regular family sedan The car's American...

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bulletproof dodge charger hellcat by armormax

04 Jan '19

2018 in Review Latest in Armoring Cars

Armormax 2018 in Review What Security Measures are you Taking in 2019? We are now releasing our 2018 year in review, highlighting the major ways Armormax changed the armoring industry and perfected the ability to add protection and safety throughout…

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Armored Yukon SLE and Security

11 Apr '19

Are You Ready to See Your New Bulletproof Car?

With more violence, there's no wonder why people are looking more into bulletproof cars. And while the demand in the United States keeps increasing, the market is even bigger in countries such as Brazil and Mexico. In Brazil, people are…

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front side view of an armored Mercedes Benz GLE 63

31 Mar '20

Armored Car Selling: Quick Tips for Selling Your Armored Car

Any form of vehicle can be considered an investment - especially considering the many perks it can bring its owners. Having a car means no longer having to suffer the daily commute, or no longer having to deal with traffic.…

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