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See our bulletproof Volkswagen section. Learn more about how we can armor your Volkswagen and other vehicles with our advanced technology that saves lives.

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The armored Volkswagen Touareg SUV continues to offer premium bulletproof protection along with a unique offering that only IAC can provide IAC’s Armormax armor technology is custom fit to the needs of the client and the layout...

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Fleet of Bulletproof Cars at Armormax Headquarter

02 Apr '20

How Armormax® was Founded

This post was taken from an interview on the Utah Manufacturers Association "Coolest Thing Made in Utah" features article. How did your company get started? Armormax® was started in 1993 on the premise of manufacturing the most technologically advanced armored…

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side view of bulletproof Chevy Tahoe

11 Jan '13

Armored from a Toyota Yaris to Aston Martin

By  Karla Sanchez Toyota Yaris to Aston Martin: IAC Ready to Provide Vehicle Armor for All - Motor Trend  You wouldn’t recognize one if it was parked right next to you, and that’s the point. International Armoring Corporation has armored more than…

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image of Bulletproof Porsche Cayenne

05 Dec '14

Car Spotlight – Armored Maybach Luxury Edition

We enjoy working and building the finest luxury armored vehicles in the world and have been perfecting it since 1993. It was with great delight when a well know celebrity reached out to us to bullet proof their Maybach. It…

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image of seats from an armored Land Rover LR4

11 Dec '14

Manny Pacquiao Riding in an Armored Car

You know, this kind of has a James Bond type of feel, he said about International Armoring Corporation, his firm that armors vehicles for executives, celebrities, and heads of state.There's a misnomer out there that people think all armored cars…

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Edwin Shooting at Bulletproof Lamborghini

30 Apr '15

15 Interesting Facts About Armoured Vehicles and Why Individuals Need Protection Around the World

For the last 80 plus years the car industry has changed the way we maneuver around the world. From the first sets of horseless carriages to cars that can reach top speeds that were previously never thought possible, automobiles have…

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13 Aug '15

Utah Armoring Bomb Proof and Bullet Proof

CENTERVILLE, UTAH (ABC 4 Utah) Most of the cars a Utah company sells cost well over one hundred thousand dollars. You'd think with those kind of price tags they wouldn't sell a lot. But you would be wrong. Business is…

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