Bulletproof Ford Transit Cargo Van

Since 1965 Ford has been making the Transit van for commercial use and in the last two decades, Armormax® has been making it better as a lightweight security or CIT option for individuals and businesses wanting to transfer cargo safely from A to B. The armored Ford Transit van can be customized and tailored for your protection need and also upgraded for shelving and additional storage requests. Whether you are transport gold or medical supplies Armormax® can help provide the perfect solution on your custom bulletproof van.

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B4, B5, B6, B7
max speed
urban mpg
curb weight
miles per gallon freeway

Standard Armoring Details

Opaque Armor
  • Entire passenger compartment armored with light synthetic fiber laminates and air hardened, heat treated ballistic alloys
  • Includes doors, roof, floor, pillar posts, etc. while minimizing weight added weight
  • Original glass replaced with layered glass, acrylic, polycarbonate laminates
  • Maintains the original appearance and design with superior optics
  • Reinforced suspension
  • Run-flat tires
  • Elitus Overlaps system
  • Armored battery, radiator protection, ECM and fuel tank
  • Operable windows available


Optional Equipment and Accessories

Take a look at the additional features ArmorMax can add to your vehicle. Contact our team to learn more about our custom armoring solutions.

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