Bulletproof Glass


Bullet-resistant glass is one of the most important component of a passenger armored vehicle; most shooters aim at the windows because they can see through it. The ballistic glass is made of highly resistant, optically advanced, and transparent materials which in combination can stop most of the bullets available in the world today. A combination of several layers of glass and avant-garde flexible, transparent materials provide for the best of optics and protection ranging from low-level hand-gun to high power rifle ballistic protection.

See a video here showing the difference between normal OEM glass and our Armormax bulletproof glass: 


Armormax can install glass into most vehicles at different levels of protection (see ballistics chart). Please contact us for more information.


Glass Information

  • 21mm - 70mm thick
  • Curved to disperse energy
  • Designed to appear as normal glass


Safely Features

  • B4: Stop a .44 Magnium
  • B6: 30.06 AP (Armor Piercing)
  • See Ballistics Chart for more information


  • Ship anywhere in the world

Armoring Details

Standard Armoring

  • All opaque material surrounding passenger area is reinforced with ballistic steel and composite lightweight armoring materials.
  • All original glass is removed and replaced with ballistic glass