November 14, 2014

2014 Armored Range Rover

Car Spotlight: 2014 Armored Range Rover
For our high-end and other luxury conscious clients many are choosing to go with the latest armored aluminum Range Rover – with our lightweight armoring solution. The all-new 2014 Range Rover retains its position at the very top of the luxury SUV segment as Land Rover continues to improve and refine their vehicles year after year. Many of our clients prefer to have specific luxury options added that makes this one of the most desired bullet proof vehicles in the world.
From the Car Connection:

“It’ll climb mountains, rocks, and probably trees, all without disturbing your enjoyment of one of the subtler symphony movements”–although the champagne in your passenger’s flute may slosh a bit.

For 2014, Range Rover has replaced the previous standard V-8 engine with a new supercharged V-6. Combined with the all-aluminum construction pioneered in 2013–fully 700 pounds lighter than its predecessor–the new engine boosts efficiency even further to meet various challenging global fuel-economy and carbon emissions goals.

Our team at International Armoring Corporation has the armoring designs and glass throughout the world at our various armoring facilities providing peace of mind custom protection in such countries as Nigeria, South Africa, Kuwait, Iraq, the United States, among many others.   
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