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Answering Questions about Armored Vehicles

March 3, 2015 2 Min read

Few people understand the intricacies of purchasing a bullet-resistant vehicle, especially for high-end models. We have seen numerous clients misinformed by companies who offer cheap armoring solutions and achieve this by simply welding in steel, thereby making the vehicle incredibly heavy and unstable.  International Armoring / Armormax applies ultra-strong and light proprietary aramid blends to your vehicle.  These technologies provide the following benefits:

-A vehicle which is far lighter and more stable
-Required maintenance is reduced
-A safer vehicle which is better suited to the terrain
-Increased longevity of your vehicle

These benefits combined with our attention to detail and after-sales service has resulted in the purchase of our vehicles by 42 heads of state.  Our expertise in luxury vehicle armouring is unsurpassed, which is critical when customizing any armor specification.  We are also able to provide comprehensive support for the vehicles, should it be required, from one of our facilities around the globe.

Besides our FAQ page which you can see here many clients have additional questions about us armoring their vehicles.

So we wanted to answer even more questions about armored vehicles and help anyone feel as comfortable as possible with the protection we provide worldwide.

Answering Questions about Armored Vehicles

Question: Why it is important to minimize weight added?

Answer: It is important to understand that none of the original vehicles were manufactured for the purpose of armoring.  Certified IAC proprietary Armormax synthetic fiber armoring laminates reduce added weight by up to 60% over traditional steel armoring packages.  Reducing the armor weight added accomplishes a number important goals.

1). Better maintains the original performance and handling of the vehicle.  Quicker escapes from dangerous events.  Security and safety factor.
2). Minimizes service issues (over heavy vehicles).  More time on the road and less time being repaired.  Security factor
3). Increases life of vehicle.  Cost factor

Question: What are the payment terms with your company?

Answer: Payment terms will vary with each contract and depending on how many vehicles are purchased. Please contact us to learn about specific payment terms on our armoring projects for you.

Question: How do I get my vehicle shipped from the United States?

Answer: It will vary on the final destination country of the vehicle, but in most cases expect around a 3-6 week shipment via ocean container and 4-7 day shipment via air. We will be able to assist with documentation and logistics for you, if needed. We are with you every step of the way until delivery.

Question: What countries have you shipped armored vehicles to?

Answer: In over 20 years, IAC has shipped over 8,000 armored vehicles to over 60 different countries.  Some of these countries include:

United States
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Hong Kong

Don’t see your country here? Call us about opportunities to work together to distribute our products.

Question: Who do you armor vehicles for? Celebrities?

Answer: We have provided armored vehicles for many athletes, celebrities, CEOs, Heads of State and government figures. If we were to list names, many would be familiar throughout the world. We keep our client list confidential as most of our clients do not want it to be public knowledge that they are riding in an armored vehicle and for security reasons.

Question: How do I purchase an armored vehicle?

Answer: You can call us at +801-393-1075 or you can visit our website at www.armormax.com. We have multiple facilities around the world that you are welcome to visit as well. Our headquarters are in Utah (USA) at 80 North 1400 West Centerville, Utah 84014.

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