September 10, 2013

Armored Car Show in London DSEI

Show: DSEi in London
Company: Armormax
Phone: 801-393-1075
Come visit us and learn more about our armoring materials and quality finish.
About Us
Armormax SA specializes in the armoring of luxury vehicles to level B4 (High powered handgun) or a level B6 (High powered rifle e.g. AK/ R4/R1). If tragedy struck and you were to lose on of your loved ones, you would never forgive yourself. Especially if you knew you could have done more to protect them. Armormax provides and impenetrable barrier between your family and would-be attackers.
Utilizing the latest in lightweight armouring technology, your luxury vehicle will be able to withstand a level B4 threat (shots fired from a .44 Magnum at point blank range) when protected with Armormax. In addition neither your car’s physical appearance nor the handling will be affected.