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Armored Cars in Turkey

November 5, 2012 1 Min read

Armored vehicles are becoming more and more common in places like Istanbul, Turkey and other places such as Iraq, Greece, and Egypt. Armormax is working with a company with over 10 years experience manufacturing bullet-proof glass and vehicle armoring, combining with connections abroad, especially in America Armormax Turkey.

Once established in Turkey and with more sales in vehicle armoring, combining with connections abroad, especially in America Armormax official Cuneyt Turkey Ozer, will bring special armored vehicles on the market and start training more technicians from Istanbul in their armoring facility.

“Increasingly, incidents of terror and violence against, polycarbonate and polycarbonate glass technology and vehicle screening applications (EN1063) which will be imported with the certificate of the international standards, these tools and materials, combined with the best service quality, tailor-made armored vehicles (VIP) as solutions will be presented. ” Ozer said.

Claiming that this is a very short time will bring a high volume of vehicles Ozer, fast-growing security industry can achieve in advance, he said.

Armored Vehicles in Turkey

7 ballistic armored vehicle production levels, Armormax technology overlap with the additional burden of a 50% reduction in the vehicle, used in glass polycarbonate technology, expert staff and years of experience is now available in Turkey Armormax.

For more information call +801.393.1075 or visit www.armormax.com

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