December 18, 2012

Armored Vehicles from International Armoring Corporation


181 South 600 West

Ogden, Utah 84404

Phone: 801-393-1075



Highlights from our company:

• Won Best of State for the 16th and 17th Time
• Won 3 “People’s Choice Award” for Manufacturing Around the Globe
• Won the prestigious “Stevie Award” for Manufacturing Excellence
• Opened 5 new countries (2 facilities)
• Secured 2 large security contracts
• Continued to implement our Weldfree system at all locations
• Featured on several media and news publications worldwide (see below)

In 2013 we will be instituting more tools for our clients to better enable them to monitor the progress of their armored vehicles.  We have enhanced our operations to ensure, not only better shipping times, but also improve the overall quality and design of our finished vehicles.

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