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Our Secret Sauce

November 14, 2017 2 Min read

The Armormax® lightweight bulletproof material blended with a luxury conversion is our Secret Sauce

While a number of companies are known for having their own unique brand, their own flavor, their own secret sauce we have a brand that is designed with the latest technology in bulletproof luxury. At Armormax®, our company makes armored cars with the goal of creating armoring that will last longer than the vehicle.

We can outfit almost any vehicle with advanced technology and the latest materials to ensure that you can be protected in the same comfort that you would receive in your own personal vehicle. So many clients are interested in getting away from the idea of a conspicuous armored vehicle. The problem with many bulletproof cars is that they can attract attention and generally they don’t ride as well as a typical vehicle or last as long.

With some of the latest technology in bulletproof designs, lighter materials and the ability to integrate these materials into almost any type of vehicle, our company is providing armored protection without sacrificing the creature comforts of your ride. You might also be interested in our options list from:

Electrified Door Handles
Bomb Protection
Radiator Protection
Ram Bumpers
Smoke Screen
Strobe Lights
Operable Windows
Intercom and Siren PA System

We offer timely delivery as well as a customer service department that can answer any of your inquiries. We can create a custom solution that will improve the protection offered on your vehicle as well as the best in armored support for the worst-case scenario. We have produced vehicles that are perfect for high-profile business clients, for completing business deals abroad and more.

Our company is consistently researching the latest in advanced technology and materials so that we can deliver more for our customers and improve their protection no matter where they need it in the world. If you are interested in having a vehicle you can depend on with armor and true bulletproof luxury, contact us to learn more or reserve your next armored vehicle.

End Product Bulletproof White Mercedes G Wagon Vehicle Armoring Kits
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