December 15, 2015

Car Dealerships Working with Armormax

More individuals are becoming more and more interested in the utmost of security with regards to their vehicle. With high powered business clients as well as attacks and danger found with doing business internationally having a fleet vehicle or a personal vehicle with the utmost security can protect you in any situation.

Today’s armored vehicles are far more advanced than they were many years ago. Armored plating has become light enough and versatile enough to be added to almost any type of vehicle and with minimal modifications. Armored vehicles through companies like Armormax look the same as a stock vehicle, they drive roughly the same and they offer the same level of protection you might find in many military or government protection vehicles.

Now you can buy armored cars through dealerships to enjoy security without having to source your armored vehicle from a particular factory or service. Instead Armormax vehicles can be put together with the help of your local dealerships. While the delivery time on an armored car is generally a bit longer overall Armormax is now working with Nissan and Toyota dealerships in strategic markets around the world to produce bulletproof luxury cars.

Lining Up Armoured Vehicles for Delivery Armormax South Africa Factory

Armored vehicles are not leased through these various dealerships but they are available for financing and purchase. A detailed expansion phase is in place as well meaning that Armormax partners will be working with dealerships to promote peace of mind and luxury conversions. With this expansion it could mean that more manufacturers and car dealerships could be working hand in hand with Armormax to produce different types of armored cars we have not seen before.

It is this type of security from your local car dealer that is safe, easy and discreet. Mercedes Benz, Toyota, and Lincoln are amongst some of the first US automakers to start a trend in making armored vehicles that appear stock. It may only be a matter of time before other international auto manufacturers introduce security programs for their vehicles.

If you are a dealership interested in working with us and distributing our armored vehicles please call 801-393-1075 or email [email protected].

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