January 12, 2015

Car Spotlight Armoured Mercedes S-Class Sedans

As a top of the line luxury armoured sedan experience the Mercedes Benz S-Class is linked with the latest safety features and high end bulletproof security offerings. Mercedes has built their flagship sedan to offer the latest and best modern technologies, such as antilock brakes, stability control, upgraded sounded system, and coming soon driver assisted controls. The current 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class line continues the tradition over many years of innovations and performance reviews, even International Armoring Corporation has recommended this vehicle as their number one armoured sedan of 2015 (see here).
From Edmunds:

For a more traditional S-Class experience, the S550 is the bread-and-butter model that produces 429 hp from its twin-turbo V8. Next up is the S600 and its 510-hp twin-turbo V12. Finally, there are the high-performance, range-topping AMG models. The S63 AMG (536-hp twin-turbo V8) and S65 AMG (621-hp twin-turbo V12) get AMG-specific suspension, steering, brakes and styling elements. All S-Class models are equipped with an automatic transmission (seven speeds in all but the V12 versions, which have a five-speed unit) and rear-wheel drive. The S550 can be had with “4Matic” all-wheel drive.

See the pictures below to view our latest work and the quality craftsmanship we provide on the armoured Mercedes S-Class sedans:
Armored Bulletproof Cars, Mercedes Benz S Class Sedan. JPG
Mercedes Benz Armoured Bulletproof Packages from International Armoring Sedans
Armoured Cars, Mercedes Interior
Armoured Mercedes S 500 Sedan
Interior, Armored Bulletproof Mercedes Sedan
 Rear Interior Armored Mercedes Sedan
Armoured Mercedes Benz Sedan Door Open