May 2, 2009

Demand for Armored Cars Increase with Recent Afghanistan Attacks

By International Armoring Corporation

International Armoring Corporation Reports Armored Vehicle Demand Surges with Afghan Attacks

OGDEN, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–International Armoring Corporation (IAC), the innovator and worldwide leader inlightweight armored vehicles, announced today an increase in demand for armored vehicles by subcontractors working in the Afghan conflict.

IAC was the first company to implement the use of high-tech fibers (“Armormax®”) in the armoring of passenger vehicles over 15 years ago. IAC has continued to enhance and improve the materials and installation techniques for greater protection with less weight added.

The armored vehicles currently being shipped to Afghanistan, from one of IAC’s worldwide facilities, are able to defeat high-power rifle fire, as well as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). IAC has had over 250 attacks on its armored vehicles with a large percentage of those attacks occurring in the Middle East region.

Even with the recent military troop buildup in the region, attacks appear to have intensified. Recently, one of IAC’s vehicles was again put to the test in Afghanistan. While thisarmoured vehicle was out on assignment it was attacked by small arms fire and the detonation of an IED.

The vehicle (see photo) received excessive damage and was ultimately undrivable. There were four occupants in the vehicle who escaped shaken, but unharmed – another happy result for an IAC client.

Mark F. Burton, Founder and CEO of IAC, commented, “Many lives have been saved from injury and even death as a result of these armored vehicles. Operating in a war zone increases the risk of our vehicles being tested. We are pleased with how our armored vehicles have not only performed under harsh environmental conditions (heat, road conditions, etc.), but during the ultimate test, an ATTACK. I do not see any decrease in demand for these types of vehicles in this region of the world.”

About International Armoring Corporation (IAC)

IAC has manufacturing and service facilities in 14 different countries. Over 5,500 vehicles have been modified and shipped to over 50 different countries. IAC has built vehicles for 36 different foreign presidents and heads of state. Governments, subcontractors, militaries, international corporations, religious leaders, vehicle manufacturers, and other individuals use IAC vehicles. For more information please visit or contact us at 801-393-1075.

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