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Ensuring Safety in Luxury Vehicles

March 4, 2020 2 Min read

A luxury vehicle often ends up becoming a sitting duck for attacks from unsavory elements from kidnapping attempts to carjackings to sometime just plain violence, see here, here, and here. Armoring can be an essential to ensure the safety of the passengers and enable them to transport to a safe place. Owning a BMW, Audi or Rolls Royce is a matter of great pride, prestige, and enjoyment. Zipping around on these fancy sets of wheels is a thrilling prospect. These high-end automobiles are usually packed with hi-tech electronic gadgetry which takes the excitement factor even further.

However, what about the safety of the people traveling inside the vehicle? We are not only talking about the risk of collisions and other accidents here. What about the danger of targeted assaults or even arbitrary acts of violence on the roads. This could stem from known threats or even unknown and random sources. Indeed, a moving vehicle can be attacked anywhere and anytime on the roads. And it’s a fact that luxury automobiles are targeted more often because of the potential to be more wealthy and perhaps influential people inside! As more and more civilians are looking for protection on their vehicle getting armoring upgrades makes sense in certain regions.

The solution to staying safe and secure while traveling on the road is to get the vehicle armored. Indeed, armoring removes the inherent vulnerabilities as the vehicle is protected against attacks from gunshots, grenades and bomb blasts.

Armoring service providers offer different levels of ballistic protection to suit the requirements and threat perceptions of the clients. There are additional upgrades that will further secure the vehicle against other perilous circumstances. These include run-flat tires, electric door handles, smokescreen system, road tack dispenser, remote start, siren, ram bumpers and more.

The common vehicles on the road were not designed to be armored and most armoring manufacturers use heavy steel sometimes adding over 2,000 lbs to a vehicle. The solution is to armor the vehicle with the strongest and lightest materials ensuring a longer life of the vehicle while reducing the servicing and other repair costs that can add up with so much additional weight on the vehicle. Armormax uses proprietary composite material for vehicle armoring which has been independently certified as the lightest armor in the world and our industry. In fact, Armormax specializes in armoring of luxury vehicles while maintaining the original appearance and performance through facilities around the world. This ensures that the automobile remains discreet on the road and yet is secure against any kind of attack.

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