November 20, 2013

If It Were Today, What Would Have Saved JFK?

If It Were Today, What Would Have Saved JFK?

It is known as “LTA®”, Light Transparent Armor, which consists of multiple layers of leaded glass, acrylic and polycarbonate laminated together through heat and pressure in an autoclave.  LTA® comes in various levels of protection, from 21mm for protecting rounds of high powered handguns (9mm, 357 magnums, 44 magnums, etc) to 72 mm (nearly 3”!) for protecting from rounds from armor-piercing high-powered rifles.

No matter the level, the physics behind the LTA®design is the same:  A round enters the LTA glass through the outer layers of leaded ballistic glass. This ballistic glass slows the bullet down and begins the “tumbling” process.  Layers begin to separate as energy is dispersed from the penetrating round as the round slows.  Finally, the round(s) and glass fragments are stopped in the polycarbonate layer (inboard side) – a clear hardened plastic laminate that has sufficient elasticity to absorb the remaining energy and fragments.

This LTA®, in combination with high tensile strength synthetic fiber laminates called Armormax® (which has the same reaction characteristics of energy absorption and dispersion as the LTA®) and ballistic alloys properly designed and placed will create a virtual impenetrable fortress that protects the entire passenger compartment while maintaining the original appearance and performance of the vehicle.

The gun used by Lee Harvey Oswald on that fateful day in November of 1963 was a 6.5 x 52 mm Italian Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle.  The velocity of the ammunition used travels at a rate of approximate 2,300 ft/sec. with an energy of about 1,900 ft-lbf.

Armoring package required to protect against the Oswald threat:

Ballistic Glass:   42mm thick and weighing 24 lbs/s/f. 

Opaque areas:

          Ballistic steel: ¼” thick and weighing about 13 lbs/s/f. 

          Armormax®: 7/8” thick and weighing 3.9 lbs/s/f

Roof: Armormax® with alloy (8 lb/s/f)

Floor: Armormax® fragmentation blanket (for absorbing explosions from 2 DM51 Grenades

Delivery time: 60 working days

Armoring cost: US$ 9,934 – 1963 dollars  (in 2013 with inflation it is around $74,609) plus the cost of the vehicle.

Results: Change history forever.


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