July 20, 2015

Kenya Armored Cars EACT EXPO

Kenya Armored Cars EACT EXPO

This last week (July 16-17) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, Armormax Kenya had the opportunity to sponsor the Kenya Armored Cars EACT EXPO to discuss the products and security opportunities we have in East Africa. Armormax was able to showcase some of our products, including an fully armored Range Rover, for all the see the quality of our products. We wanted to share some photos and other updates about the event and hopefully you can join us next year.

Armormax Kenya MD John Ndolo with Kenya Government Officials at Kenya Armored Cars EACT EXPOBooth Armored Cars Armormax Kenya Stand EACT EXPO Nairobi
Armored Cars Range Rover in Nairobi Kenya Armored Cars EACT EXPOArmored Range Rover in Nairobi Kenya Armored Cars EACT EXPO


Terrorism is a Global conflict that has impact across the world and east Africa has not escaped. In response to the acts of terrorism in the region, the East African Counter Terrorism Conference, the first of its kind, focused on the challenges that terrorism has brought to Kenya. In so doing, we acknowledge the impact this evil has had across society, the efforts made by so many brave men and women to fight this evil, and the support (direct and indirect) of the international community. The atrocities inflicted on Kenya have been orchestrated by people who sacrifice the concept of humanity in a vain attempt to impose their will. As an inherent component of our efforts to thwart those with evil on their mind, we are obliged to appreciate that STRENGTH is achieved through KNOWLEDGE. The 1st EACT (East African Counter Terrorism) Conference and Expo is designed to support and empower those tasked with the onerous duty to manage this risk by providing a platform through which we can share knowledge, experience, and expose Global Best Practice.


Concurrent with the Counter Terrorism Conference and Expo, we wanted to acknowledge the sacrifices made by so many people. We sought to support those who had suffered, including individual organizations, representative associations, leaders across the political, social and corporate divide, members of the disciplined services, and individual families. Across the world, those tasked with responsibility to manage the terrorist threat have worked to develop the latest in technology and developed the methodologies to deploy that technology to maximum effect. Armormax hoped to ally with those who seek to make East Africa a safer place to live.