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Learning About Run Flat Tires

August 5, 2020 4 Min read

Run Flat tires were first introduced in the 1930s. They are being used since then but know Run Flat tires have gained too much popularity because of their amazing benefits. The sidewall of these tires is insulated which helps tires to support the vehicle even if there is no air pressure in them. This will help you to reach a service center and get it repaired or replaced. It is also being used in armored cars because it helps the occupant to escape from the attack in worst scenarios. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about run flat tires.

What are Run Flat Tires?

Run Flat tires for vehicles are designed to withstand the effects of puncture or loss in air pressure and allow the car to continue to drive at low speed. These tires can help you for a short period depending on the quality of the Run Flat tires. If your tires are punctured and it is a cold, raining night then there is no need to change the tire on the road. You have the option to drive home or to a garage without any trouble. Run Flat tires also reduce the risks of potentially dangerous explosions due to their unique design and construction.

How Do Run Flat Tires Work?

Self Supporting System and Support Ring System are two major types of Run Flat tires.

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1.Self Supporting System:

In most of the self-supporting tire systems, the tires have a side by side reinforced sidewall construction that continues to support the vehicle in the loss of air pressure. This allows the driver to keep on driving but on a specific reduced speed.

2.Support Ring System:

The support ring system tires have a hard ring of some material usually of rubber. This ring supports the vehicle and helps it keep on moving even in the worst conditions.

Although they work despite being “flat” it is recommended that the Run Flat tires should be used only with the vehicle which has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This monitoring system will show you a notification if one of your tires loses air pressure. If you don’t have this system in the car, it is possible that you wouldn’t know that you are driving with flat tires.

Driving Range on a Run Flat Tire?

You should consult the manufacturer’s specifications to get the exact idea of how far you can go and what is the most suitable speed. Usually, most of the Run Flat tires can work efficiently after losing air pressure up to 50 miles or 80 kilometers. You can drive at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. These ranges are enough to reach the nearest garage easily. But this range can vary depending on the quality, driving speed, vehicle load, and the weather conditions in which you are driving on the road.

The Benefits of Run Flat Tires:

The main and topmost advantage of Run Flat tires is that they allow you to continue driving even if there is no air pressure. This feature that is included with our armored vehicles helps individuals escape a threat or kidnapping attempt.

You don’t have to get out of the car in extreme weather or in dangerous locations to change the tire. This means that you can drive your car to a safe place where you can change the tire without any threat.

Run Flat tires provide more control over your car as compared to other common tires, even if they are completely out of air. This factor will protect you from losing control and resulting in an accident.

You will not have to carry a spare tire, this will reduce your vehicle load and increase space. It will also increase fuel performance.

How does Driver Know about Run Flats Puncher?

As mentioned above, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is the best solution for this to get alert. Without a TPMS, it is almost impossible to detect any puncture or any other issue in the tire because it will keep on working properly. This system is also considered as the Run Flat technology because it is best suitable for these types of tires. When you will have a monitoring system it will display a warning on the central console and will tell you how much you can drive on these tires and will request a tire replacement or repair.

Can Run Flat Tires be Repaired?

There are only a few chances that a Run Flat tire can be repaired. Run Flat tires cannot be repaired because when they have been driven without air pressure they lose their structure and integrity. If you get a flat tire repaired, there are possibilities that it will not keep pace with the other tires and can result in other damages. This is the biggest drawback of these tires as compared to conventional tires. Because conventional tires can be repaired and can work properly.

Life of Run Flat Tires:

The life of a Run Flat tire is almost the same as the conventional tires. This is due to the fact that the material used in these tires is the same. Both are made up of rubber but the difference between them is the design, structure, and construction. The life of the Run Flat tire also depends on different factors, such as care and maintenance.  To increase the life of your tires keep their air pressure at a perfect point and keep on checking the pressure level periodically.

Bottom Line:

Like all other things in this world, Run Flat tires also have pros and cons. Its drawback is nothing if we look at the benefits offered by the amazing Run Flat tires with an Armormax® bulletproof vehicle. These are the perfect options if you have to travel a long distance daily. Especially if you pass from lonely places where there are no garages or replacement centers in-between. They will provide you with a better driving experience because you will not have to worry about puncture or loss of air pressure.


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