February 27, 2015

Lessons of International Business from Mark Burton

Listen to Mark F. Burton the CEO/President of International Armoring Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of armored vehicle discuss the challenges and opportunities his company faces. In this episode, Mark describes his entry into the international business as a solo entrepreneur, growing the company, and the lessons of international business he has learned over the last 22 years.

Listen here: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/william-h-wingo/global-market-launch/e/mark-f-burton-founder-and-ceo-of-international-armoring-corporation-35121511

Here are some key segments from the show:

1. Building armored vehicles

2. Providing protection for Heads of State and CEOs worldwide

3. Challenges that come from international business

4. Shipping and logistics

5. Clients

6. Awards and Recognition

7. Advanced armoring technology

8. Worldwide threats, kidnappings, and corruption

About International Armoring Corporation:

International Armoring Corporation (IAC)  was founded on the basic principle of manufacturing the finest, most technologically advanced armored passenger vehicles in the world.  IAC is able to create armored passenger vehicles, which are far superior in performance and appearance to the competition.

IAC has years of experience in manufacturing and delivering high-level armored vehicles to every continent in the world. With over 8,000+ vehicles armored,  IAC prides itself on designing and producing vehicles which give protection to the perceived threat level, maintain the vehicles original appearance and perform as a normal passenger vehicle.  IAC views its product as a service – realizing it is a very personal experience, and one of utmost importance.

IAC specializes in the manufacture of bullet-resistant passenger vehicles for government officials, heads of state, business executives, or any other individual who perceives a threat.  IAC offers a wide variety of armoring options to fit any need. IAC is a world leader in the design, and manufacture of both light armored, and fully armored vehicles.  These systems are recognized throughout the industry for quality and reliability.

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