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More Common Bulletproof Car Questions and Answers

December 21, 2016 3 Min read

Here are more common bulletproof car questions and answers from International Armoring Corporation.

1. How thick is ballistic glass?

Glass thickness ranges from 21mm to 70mm, as you can see in President Obama’s Beast that uses our technology.




US Headquarters: https://www.armormax.com/blog/tour-an-armoring-company/

2. Am I reading the results of the studies you sent correctly, that the 21mm B4 protection glass withstood 5 M80 rounds straight on without an angle?  

Which has more penetrating power — M80 or AK47 rounds? It will vary with the round that is placed in the gun, but in most cases, the M80 will have more power and is categorized as a B6 level round where the AK-47 is labeled a B5. Yes, we certify all our armor after it has been placed in the vehicle as well as before to adhere to all the standards. If you are worried about a particular round, then I would recommend getting that level of protection you don’t know if you will be shot at an angle or the situation I was just mentioning that our armor can far exceed whatever level we certify but each situation in the “real world” could be different. In some cases, a B4 or 21mm glass protection is fine for carjacking but in other places, like Nigeria, no one carries around handguns so all our clients have B6 armor on their vehicles.

3. For run flat tires/rims, do they use normal tires on top or is it all specialty?  Does it come in off-road or All Terrain tire varieties? What brand of run flat do you use? 

We can put run flats on almost any tire, as long as we have the rim. We take the original tires and put inside a roller insert or band to keep the original appearance. Also, the run flats allow the tires to travel 40-80 miles (or more depending on the road) if they have a nail or are shot at. The main purpose of the run flat is to allow our clients to get out of the situation if they are attacked.


4. Are you able to help source the base car itself, or do I need to do that? 

We can assist with this but we aren’t a car dealership though sometimes can get you better pricing around the area where you live. We can help to find you the vehicle you want to armor and can buy it for you or you can buy it. For example, the biggest reason we are in Kenya is to save our clients money on the VAT and import costs that they were paying to import our armored cars from South Africa and the UK (right-hand drive models).

5. Who is International Armoring Corporation?
International Armoring Corporation® (IAC) is a premier vehicle armoring company that armors all makes and models of cars and trucks while helping maintain the vehicle’s original appearance and performance. By using proprietary armoring designs and installation techniques as well as the latest lightweight armoring materials, International Armoring Corporation® provides the most technologically advanced protected vehicles available.  These vehicles have been delivered to heads of state, corporate executives, celebrities, religious leaders, and civilian contractors all over the world. You are always welcome to visit us to see the quality and finish for yourself.

6. How is Armormax® different than steel?
Armormax® is the ultimate lightweight ballistic armoring material. It is the lightest opaque armor in the industry, and it reduces the added weight on a vehicle by up to 60%.  Armormax® also helps your vehicle maintain its original appearance and performance.  The technology developed by International Armoring® is ten times stronger than ballistic steel, pound for pound.

7. Who and why were armoring standards developed?
Numerous international organizations have developed armoring standards – – defeat levels and testing procedures. In the USA for instance, the standards were developed by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), a procurement arm of the US government. In Europe, the European Union developed their standard, called CEN, which is the B-Level standard. Other countries too have developed their own standards. International Armoring Corporation® generally adheres to the European Union’s standard because it is more specific to the requirements of armored passenger vehicles.
You can always learn more about our company through our website and we also invite anyone to come and visit us.

Car Profiles: https://www.armormax.com/armored-cars or https://www.facebook.com/armoredcars/photos_stream

Mercedes Benz S550 and other videos: https://www.armormax.com/videos

BMW 760i: https://www.armormax.com/armored-cars/bulletproof-bmw-750li

Jeep Wrangler: https://www.armormax.com/armored-cars/bulletproof-2013-jeep-wrangler

Toyota Landcruiser: https://www.armormax.com/armored-cars/bullet-proof-2014-toyota-land-cruiser

Cadillac Escalade: https://www.armormax.com/armored-cars/bulletproof-2014-cadillac-escalade-b6-plus

Range Rover HSE: https://www.armormax.com/armored-cars/armored-land-rover-range-rover-hse

Lexus LX570: https://www.armormax.com/armored-cars/bulletproof-2012-lexus-lx570

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