August 29, 2014

New & Improved

New & Improved – Around 4 years ago we moved our headquarters to a new and beautiful building in Centerville, Utah (close to Salt Lake City) after being in Ogden, Utah for 17 years. We realized that this new facility was the perfect manufacturing situation to achieve our goals of 1. Offer the best-armored vehicle technology worldwide 2. Fill our desire to have our headquarters portray the look and feel we wanted our brand to express and 3. Close to our families. After working and settling in our new facility for several months we started to look at every aspect of the company and align it with our new look and feel.

So today without further ado we announce our website refresh (we’re calling it Armormax 4.0)! We want to walk you through the website and show how it can be a useful resource for many of our clients; enabling them to find exactly what they need and learn more about our upcoming products. More features will be coming soon so stay tuned.


For the homepage, we started with a clean and functional header that easily navigates our visitors to the most useful areas of the site, blog posts, and search feature that allows anyone to quickly find anything they need. Right below the homepage, we went with a slider interface that is both beautiful and functional, showing recent product updates and news about our company. Continuing downward, a visitor will find links to news articles, recent videos, recently armored vehicles, and more.

Responsive Design

In addition to a faster website, our new site was built from scratch with mobile in mind. We’ve revamped the whole experience to enable any mobile user in the world to quickly find information on our armored vehicles. We wanted to offer the same experience on the desktop as on an iPhone (or any mobile device) and we hope we have accomplished that. Each page can be easily viewed from a mobile device without needing to zoom in or out. See a page that doesn’t function correctly on your device? Let us know, we are always improving.

Armored Car Gallery

Along with the site refresh, we have created an Armored Vehicle Gallery to allow each visitor to quickly find a specific make and model of their choosing. Here at International Armoring Corp., we specialize in customizing anything that comes through our door. The gallery will allow each visitor to easily find the vehicle they want armored and see work on past vehicles. Search for a specific model and you’ll be able to find additional information and images regarding that vehicle to help make your decision easier. Each page also offers suggestions of similar armored vehicles. We created this page to help our clients see what is possible and what has been done before.

Video Updates

We’ve been looking forward to this feature for a while. The updated video section allows our visitors to quickly find videos about our company and watch them directly through our website. Below the video, you’ll find information that will quickly link you to vehicles and information that was presented. Coming soon you will be able to quickly share links, videos, and news articles right from our site to your friends, social media, and email. These available tools are going to allow for more information to be shared more elegantly and quickly. We look forward to having more videos that showcase the awesome work we do.

The Blog

We’ve tied our blog directly into our website so that as we discuss news throughout the world, the user experience can remain the same. We want many of our clients/visitors to come back to read more about the exciting new developments that are happening in our company and industry. In the future, we want to invite guest authors and experts to write content about new cars and security developments that are happening around the world.

It’s been years since we refreshed our main website and we hope you like what you see (there are dozens of more improvements not mentioned above). With the latest improvements to the functionality and design of our website, we hope to be the one-stop source for all bulletproof car information around the world.

If you have any feedback or comments please email [email protected]