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Pros and Cons of Buying a Car Online

July 4, 2015 4 Min read

Shopping online has become an inevitable part of our lives. You can buy almost all types of goods and book tons of services with no need to leave your home. But what about buying a car online? Many students believe that this is a great solution for picking up their first vehicle for a reasonable price. Is this worth trying? Most experts believe it is not a good idea. Discover the top reasons for (not) buying a car online in this post. 

Before You Start Shopping 

There is nothing new that most people decide to purchase their first car during their studies. If you are a student, who wants to buy the first vehicle in your life, you should consider dozens of parameters to choose the most fitting car for your budget. But what if you don’t have enough time to explore the features of different cars, compare the prices, and choose the best sellers? What should you do if you need to complete tons of academic assignments? 

Fortunately, there are plenty of services that can help you complete all your papers within the shortest terms. For example, you can explore the best mathematics essay examples online or use one of the free essays on geology to compose your paper. Moreover, if you want to save time and get perfectly written essays, it might be a great idea to use MidtermGuru college paper writing service to buy top-notch papers. As a result, you will have an opportunity to consider all the necessary features and parameters of different vehicles, as well as choose the best car for your needs wisely. 

Benefits of Online Car Purchasing

Let’s begin with positivity. The online purchase of anything has its undisputed advantages. Those benefits also work for cars. Here they are.

Wide Choice

When you decide to buy a car online, you can review thousands of different propositions available on the websites. The opportunities for delivery services are great nowadays, so the place won’t matter anymore. If you want, you can buy a limited series car available only on the Japanese, European, Canadian, or any other country’s market, and they will deliver it to your threshold with no problem. 


To purchase a vehicle online, you don’t even need to go out of your bedroom. You can choose the option you like, see photos, contact the owner, and initiate a money transfer without breaking your lunch. That’s what the word comfort means!

Time-Saving Possibilities

Checking a car offline is a time-taking procedure. Even if you limit your choice with the nearby car market, you need to get there before you see what they’ve got to offer. Things become even more complicated when you decide to see more distant options and places. No matter who you are, a student or an adult working full time, you’ll find it difficult to deal with time management until you find a car to buy.  

Top Reasons Not To Purchase A Car Online 

Despite all the benefits mentioned above, most experts still believe that it is better not to buy any vehicle online. The fact is that it is usually extremely risky and has tons of disadvantages. Here are just a few things you need to know about buying cars online. 


This is one of the most common tricks used in the field of buying and selling cars. The core concept of this issue is that the car dealers position themselves as private sellers. Curbstoning is often used for selling vehicles that can’t be sold out on the dealer’s lot. In many cases, the vehicles might appear to have flood damages or be repaired after serious accidents. It is often difficult to distinguish curbstoners from fair sellers. However, if you discover that the seller’s phone number is available on multiple car listings or the title of the car is on a different name rather than the seller’s name, it’s time to increase your vigilance. Moreover, make sure the seller knows the vehicle’s history and doesn’t insist on the cash payment. 


Buying a car online might make you face different scammers. Not only are the curbstoners operating on the market, but there are also many other tricky dealers too. If you plan to purchase a used car online, it is necessary to know about the most common scams in this niche. These are: 

  • fake car shipping;
  • fake wire transfers;
  • title and VIN scams.

Vehicle History Is Not Available 

Most reputable dealers are ready to provide you with a detailed vehicle history report upon request. However, if you decide to buy a car online from a private seller, you can hardly get any relevant information about the vehicle. Therefore, you won’t know about the car damages, claims, and accidents. This might lead to unforeseen circumstances and extra costs for repairing your car when you start exploiting it. In other words, you are at risk of buying a shoddy car. 

Test Drive Is Usually Not Available 

One of the most serious disadvantages you will face when buying a car online is the difficulty of having a test drive. Many cars are sold out in the other states that are hundreds of miles away from your location. Therefore, you don’t have a chance to try driving a car before making a purchase. 

Even if you are not an expert in the automotive industry, it is always good to test and examine a car before buying it. The reason is that any vehicle might have a bunch of issues that can’t be displayed in even the most detailed characteristics and the car history. It is always important to do an advanced mechanical inspection to buy a quality auto. If you are not good in this area, you might also hire a professional mechanic to check your vehicle. This way, you will get a clear understanding of whether the car has any major problems and minor issues. 

All in all, many risks might occur when picking up a vehicle you haven’t seen with your own eyes. It is always good to check your car before making a purchase, avoid scammers, and deal only with reliable sellers who are ready to offer a test drive of the chosen vehicle. 

To Conclude

Buying a car online has its advantages and lacks. On one hand, the online purchase is comfortable, can offer a much wider choice of options and time-saving opportunities. On the other hand, you risk facing scam sellers, and, of course, you don’t know a thing about the particular car, its history, and its owner for sure. 

So, should you buy a car online? If you can check the reliability of a seller and find out more about your chosen vehicle with a guarantee of results, then that’s acceptable. But if you can’t, then none of the potential benefits is worth risking your money.

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