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Questions to ask your armoring company before purchasing your armored passenger vehicle

October 30, 2019 2 Min read

1.  Are all the materials being used independently certified?

Ask for copies of the certificates and verify these materials are actually being used in the vehicles being armored. If the materials are independently certified you can feel more comfortable with the protection you will be receiving. Armoring is a very custom industry and not all armored cars are created equal.

2. Visit the manufacturing facility and inspect other vehicles in the process as well as inspect my vehicle at any time during the armoring process?

At Armormax we invite you to visit our facility and test drive our armored vehicles. We invite clients at any time to come and inspect their vehicle/s during the process to ensure that their specifications are being met. We also provide timely updates, photos, stage reports, and upon completion of a certificate of armoring.

3.  Is the company using the latest and lightest materials and technology available?

Steel is so 1970’s.   While steel is still important in the armoring process, it should be minimized due to its weight.  In addition, during the install process, adding heat (welding) to ballistic steel reverses the hardening process and makes the steel mild – non-ballistic. In addition to the lightweight armor that our company was founded upon we specialize in the most recent testing and certifications. Our approach is to use the latest technology available and if there was something better we would be using it. This helps us ensure that we are always using the latest technology and improving the designs and installation processes for our vehicles.

4.  How long has the company been in business and is it financially stable?

The longer in business (along with other positive answers to questions) the better the probability of a viable option in your due diligence process.  When visiting the prospective company ask to see independent financial data (bank statements, etc.). This is a big investment and you want to make sure the company is not financially distressed.
Many individuals are looking to make a quick dollar and cut corners in starting. You want to be with a company that will ensure the quality and service of your vehicle long after it has been delivered.

5.  If possible get references from past clients.  This should only be done with the permission of past clients and should be held in extreme confidence.  Best to speak with past and current clients that have purchased from multiple armoring companies. Referrals are also our best resource because it shows that we have satisfied clients that are happy to share their new armored vehicle with their friends and family.


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