January 30, 2015

Runflats for Armoured Vehicles

International Armoring Corp. offers several protection options for clients outside of armouring services. These additional services are anywhere from sirens to oxygen systems. IAC can help keep you protected on many levels. One of IAC’s most surprising and popular products offered are Runflat Tire Systems for all makes and models. This is a crucial option that should be added to any armored car package. You may  find yourself under attack and your tires have been blown out or simply you have ran over a nail that has punctured your tire, forcing you to be stuck on the side of the road. Regardless of the situation, this is where you will be prepared with the solution. Runflats can help a vehicle travel an additional 50-80 miles (100+ km) before needing to be replaced. This gives the driver and passengers peace of mind and the safety and time needed to get home or to a repair shop. This time is crucial, especially in life threatening situations.
If you need more reasoning behind the justification of runflats, note that armored vehicles can not fulfill their mission to protect if they are immobilized by tire damage or puncture. We build the best armored vehicles in the world but if they are “sitting ducks” it does not help our clients to escape from any potential threat. Runflat tires are necessary for attack situations. It takes a trained individual around 10 seconds to react when they are attacked and the situation will only become more complicated if the vehicle’s wheels are not properly working. We highly recommend any individual who faces a threat to be properly equipped with armoring and runflats in order to better maneuver any threatening situation, to get out of the attack and safely back to work or to their families.
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