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Tack Dispenser, Oil Spray, and Smokescreen Car

February 13, 2015 1 Min read

Tack Dispenser, Oil Spray, and Smokescreen Car. Yup, that is just a small part of some bullet proof vehicle options that we can offer. Want to have a dense cloud smokescreen come out of your exhaust pipes to deter any would be chasers? Done.

Want tacks dropped from the back of your vehicle?

See options here.

The arrangement (and see in the video below) is where smoke/oil/tacks are released to mask the movement or location of an object. We commonly use options to add a little more security for our clients in addition to the vehicle armor we provide.

Some options we offer:

  • Operable Windows
  • Runflat / Bulletproof tires
  • Oil Spray & Dispensing System
  • External Listening Device
  • Siren P/A System
  • Nightvision
  • Remote Starting System
  • Gunports
  • Road Tacks
  • Radiator Protection
  • Ram Bumpers
  • Smoke Screen

Many of our high-end clients love these options after seeing them because of the ‘James Bond‘ like tech involved and the relatively low cost to add such features.

We have seen several videos but International Armoring prides itself on tying the complete package together. All the armor and complete protection the clients need in addition to a smoke cloud, electric door handles, external listening devices, gun ports, ram bumpers, and oxygen systems in the event of toxic gases outside the vehicle compartment.


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