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March 20, 2019 1 Min read

Top 10 Reasons to Vote International Armoring Corporation (IAC) as the “coolest product made in Utah”

1). “James Bond” like agencies buy their cars from Armormax (from the UK to the USA to Mexico and Israel)

2). IAC built armoring for 1,500+ Hummers during the height of the Iraq war – registering over 100 attacks saving hundreds of our servicemen’s lives.

3). IAC designers Protected the Pope –  “Popemobiles”

4). IAC is helping save the rhinos! Armored 4 helicopters for South African Anti-poaching forces using lightweight proprietary armor Armormax.

5). In the past 25 years, IAC has built armored vehicles for 45 different heads of state

6). IAC is the exclusive armoring company for the Rezvani Tank

7). IAC designed and built the ultimate security vehicle- “The Smart-Truck” – for US Embassies on foreign soils

8). IAC built the fastest, lightest weight armored vehicle in the world – the Tesla Model S P100D

9). Over 9,500 armored vehicles have been built by IAC

10). IAC has built farming tractors for Israel, Snowcats for Turkey, Raydomes in Korea’s DMZ, VW Beatles for Mexico, taxi cabs for Bagdad, and trains for Mozambique.

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