August 13, 2015

Utah Armoring Bomb Proof and Bullet Proof

CENTERVILLE, UTAH (ABC 4 Utah) Most of the cars a Utah company sells cost well over one hundred thousand dollars. You’d think with those kind of price tags they wouldn’t sell a lot. But you would be wrong.

Business is actually booming at International Armoring in Centerville. The crew here is constantly working on a handful of vehicles being prepared with bullet proof and bomb proof material for the rich and famous or those who work and live in dangerous parts of the world.

See the news video here:

Ironically, when it comes to building an armored vehicle – Mark Burton of International Armoring says – you first have to rip it apart. “After we’ve gutted the car completely – we put a fragmentation blanket on.” And that so called blanket is tough stuff. “So, this fragmentation can stop two DM 51 grenades and a variety of IEDs.” Then there is the all important windows. The front glass – which can range from 40 to 70 millimeters in thickness – is so heavy it takes four workers at the Centerville factory to put it in place. “We want to armor the entire passenger compartment – essentially create a cocoon for our clients. So, if they’re getting attacked by grenades – whatever type of round we want them to feel secure.”

And as demonstrated in the video that goes with this story – the clients should feel just that. Windows and doors on these vehicles can withstand all kinds of deadly devices. And when you open the door on an armored vehicle you can feel that protection. Burton says armoring a vehicle adds can add 800 to 2000 pounds in protective material. And according to Burton – that material – has been the difference between life and death. “As far as were aware there have been 12 attacks on those cars (the cars belonging to a security company overseas) and we’ve saved a couple dozen lives.”

But building a life saving vehicle isn’t just about doors and windows. There are options like emergency lights and sirens. Wheels that keep you moving even if the tires are shredded. “If the tire is shot at or a nail you can travel another 80 to 100 miles.”  And don’t forget about secret agent options – like smoke screen capabilities, in case you’re being followed. Burton says most of International Armoring’s clients are overseas and truly live in dangerous areas. “A lot of work we are doing is in Africa, South America, places like Mexico.” He says a small percentage of the cars armored here – stay here. But no matter where the cars end up – they come with a little sticker shock. Speaking about a Suburban in his facility Burton said “This one, with the car, is looking about $140,000.”  And, depending on what you want, that price can be double. “This is going to Saudi Arabia and gonna have pretty much everything – full nine yards.” While Burton is the first to tell you this is a money making Utah based business. He says – it’s also a feel good business. “Were building them a product that is going to save their lives.”

Web Extra: Burton says while the typical armored vehicle is an SUV his company has armored sports cars, luxury cars and even a Volkswagon Bug.