May 8, 2020

We Can Stop It

Watch Smarter Everyday and the Slow Mo Guys test a video shooting a video at the ballistic glass (see the video below). They did not use Armormax® LTA armored glass in the video but you can see the power that these rifles bring and it is especially entertaining to see in slow motion.

Looking to have protection again a .50 cal or other high powered rifles and handguns?

Contact us (call 801.393.1075 or email [email protected]) to get protection from various attacks and threats. We offer the best if armoring bulletproof technology that saves lives.

See our updated common questions.

Are police cars bulletproof? 

What are the armoring standards?

Can any vehicle be armored? 

How do armored vehicles perform in the event of an accident? 

Are bulletproof tires real? 

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