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You Had Me at Protection

July 2, 2019 2 Min read

There is a scene in the popular movie Jerry Maguire where Jerry aka Tom Cruise is trying a share a moment with his wife after a time of stress and finding a better place in their marriage.

Zellweger’s character says it after Jerry (Cruise) has just given a long speech about allowing their relationship to break down, and what he learned from it, how sorry he is and how valuable he realized she was in his life.

It is often mistakenly interpreted as his first ‘hello’, implying that she fell for him before he ever said a word to her. But it actually refers to the ‘hello’ at the beginning of this encounter, after so long apart.

The line implies that none of what he just said needed to be said. She had already forgiven him, and it was simply his attempt to reconnect that was enough for her to take him back.

The line is meant to imply that they didn’t need to be convinced – they only needed you to make contact.

The phrase has become more popular and has created a following of other terms “You had me at…”

In our business, there are often many different questions but what we do all comes down to protection and providing the peace of mind that many in the world so desperately need.

We offer anything from runflats to armored glass to siren systems it all comes down to protection. Thus…you had me at protection and that’s where it starts. We have had big days and exciting times in our company but it doesn’t feel complete until we know we are protecting all of our clients and their loved ones.

Armormax can’t prevent the attacks and random acts of violence from happening but our protection can make sure you get home safely and are alive to see your family.

Now enjoy this clip from Jerry Maguire:



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