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How do I get my car to an Amormax facility to have it armored?

Armored Car Shipping Transport

Not a big fan of  long road trips? No problem. Armormax® has access to a vehicle transporting network that spans the United States. This means that when you decide it’s time to have your vehicle upgraded, we will find a professional vehicle transporter to come pick it up at your location and bring it directly to us. When the vehicle has been armored to the level you desire at one of our facilities the vehicle will be shipped right to your door.  Our vehicle transport network ensures that your car will travel to its destination safely without putting unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. If you do want to drive your vehicle to and from our facilities, that is okay as well.

Are you an international customer? While we don’t have a network across other countries, we can help make arrangements to ship your vehicles to one of our facilities.  At Armormax®, we have years of experience transporting cars worldwide and will help you get them to one of our world class armoring facilities around the world.

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