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How much does a bulletproof car cost?

The Cost of armoring depends on a number of factors.

First: is the level of protection – handgun? High powered rifle RPG/Armor piercing?  This is a personal decision based on an individual’s perceived threat.

Secondly: is the model of the vehicle being armored.  Some vehicles require more time to armor. European vehicles are generally 10 – 20% more.

Thirdly: is coverage area.  Mainly for economic reasons and threats, some clients choose to armor only the glass areas or the glass and the doors` (not the roof or floor or pillar posts or headers).  These armoring packages are lower in cost.

Fourthly: the country where the vehicle is armored.  The cost of armoring is much greater in some countries due to shipping costs, importation expenses and skilled labor.  Price can vary upto 30% to standard pricing.

A package of windows and doors range from $28,500 to $42,500

A full package generally starts at $58,500 and go to near $100,000

These prices do not include the cost of the vehicle.

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