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Protection Levels (5 articles)

What does ballistic mean?

The word Ballistic means, a type of round shot in a gun. Ballistic type can be identified by a ballistics report or by the type .....

May 28 1 Min read

How are the armoring levels for a vehicle best explained?

Armormax® installs ballistic armor to protect the passenger compartment in your vehicle. Armor is available at several different protection levels. This protection level is determined .....

May 26 1 Min read

What are the armoring standards?

Numerous international organizations have developed armoring standards - - defeat levels and testing procedures. In the USA for instance, the standards were developed by the .....

Apr 14 1 Min read

How do Armormax vehicles perform in the event of a car accident?

While there is no official report available our vehicles perform very well in the event of a car accident. Due to the nature of all .....

Apr 14 1 Min read

How can I determine what level of armoring I need?

Armor levels are determined by each individual’s perceived threat and location of the vehicle's use. The level shows the amount of security provided by a .....

Apr 12 2 Min read

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