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How can I ship my armored vehicle?

Armormax® offers both a domestic and international shipping service with the collaboration of various transporters and shipping agents around the world. We have shipped from .....

Jan 28 1 Min read

Can you armor a used vehicle, can I bring you my own car?

Yes, we can pickup your existing vehicle or ship us a brand new car. Armormax® (a division of International Armoring Corporation) has been around since .....

Jun 15 1 Min read

Do you provide armored vehicle kits?

Yes, Armormax® provides armored vehicle kits. We only ship vehicle kits out on a case-by-case basis and only approved materials from our US headquarters. The .....

Jun 15 1 Min read

Can you supply the base vehicle to be armored?

Yes, International Armoring Corporation® can supply all makes and models of the vehicles to be armored. Generally, due to the high volume of vehicles be .....

Apr 12 1 Min read

Do I need an export license to ship my bulletproof car?

No and Yes. See our export guidelines here. Why an Export Compliance Program? For reasons of national security, the United States Government has asked exporters .....

Apr 12 1 Min read

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