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What are some uses for armored car accessories?

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The standard armoring options shield the passengers in the vehicle with opaque and transparent ballistic armor available in different ballistic protection levels. Enhanced protection upgrades ensure your protection from specific threat levels. Here are a few of the uses for armored car accessories:

  • Armoire filtration system protects from dangerous and unexpected airborne gas. It maintains positive pressure in the vehicle to provide clean and breathable air.
  • One way or two-way communication system to get and convey important messages.
  • Ram Bumpers to reinforce the front and rear from damages caused by the impact.
  • Tire/Wheel upgrades
  • Firewall protection between the interior and the engine block to separate console, wiring
    heater, steering column, and air conditioning.
  • Fuel cell to open-cell foam that prevents the accumulation of petroleum fumes


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