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What are the best bomb blankets available?

Bomb blankets are effective against blast and hand grenade fragments, IEDs, most fragmentation caused by pressure or electrical explosions, pipe bombs, and DM-51 grenades. These blankets combine aramid woven ballistic fiber, multiple layers of ballistic fillers, and external water repellent nylon cover, conforming to the protection level required to produce maximum and sewn into a fire retardant. These bomb blankets are used for IED/IOD operations, demining operations, ballistic blast protection in aircraft and vehicles interior and flooring, and suppression of the blast in high-risk buildings and nuclear facilities.

The best bomb blankets available by ARMORMAX® have standard features:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Fire resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to Install
  • Customized built-in grommets
  • Reinforced mount straps
  • Lightweight and flexible

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  • How do vehicle floor fragmentation blankets work?

    These blankets are designed to absorb fragmented pieces of the bomb and absorb blast impact. These bomb blankets are integrated into your armored vehicle on request to increase protection against:

    • Grenades were thrown by attackers
    • Bombs planted beneath the vehicle
    • Driving over explosive devices

    These floor fragmentation blankets are made of flexible armoring material. They are added to the floor and sides of the vehicle in addition to standard ballistic armor. You can get custom-designed blast suspension packages for your particular needs from ARMORMAX®.

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