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What tint can I have on my bulletproof glass?

Armormax glass can be tinted to any percentage needed. We recommend you adhere to your local laws where the vehicle will be used. The tint serves as adding a level of protection for the passengers on the inside for such cases celebrities going to and front an event and don’t want the paparazzi taking photos or a security detail driving a VIP around and not wanting others to know the individuals inside. Like our armored vehicles protecting our clients, the tint helps add a level of privacy to any vehicle.

See this chart for common percentages of light passing through the glass though any percentage can be requested. In most cases, we match the original tint to the original make and model of the vehicle.

Official Armormaxs Tint Guide Bulletproof Glass New

Here is another percentage breakdown of the percentage of light allowed through.

Window Tint for Bulletproof Glass




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The tint is applied to armored glass during the manufacturing process. The tint is “baked” into the glass pieces for the best results. In some cases, the tint may be added at a later time but the quality will vary.

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