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Why should I get an armored car?

Armour a Suburban Utah Armormax

In the current global climate, danger is at an all time high. Attacks that once seemed rare have now become commonplace. Many of these attacks are random. Armored vehicles add a layer of protection to your car that will give you added peace of mind on the roadways. In today’s society, many people have security systems at their homes and on their properties, to ensure their own safety. An armored car is your security system on the road. Just like a security system, there are many different options available to protect against different threats. Checkout the added optionsĀ page to learn more about some of the features available.

A common misconception about armored vehicles is that they are only for celebrities, government officials and other high end VIP’s, but with the increasing violence across the world, armored vehicles are a great idea for everyone. Armored vehicles are a portable safe zone and provide comfort and stability no matter where you are. Also, any car can have armor added, whether it’s new or used. Contact us to learn more and to get started on your dream armored vehicle.


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