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London Armormax Facility

We are the Vehicle Armoring Company of choice by the top auto manufacturers and World Governments. We buy bulletproof vehicles direct from the manufacturer in the UK. We carry the lightest armor in the industry and with nearly 8,000 armored vehicles produced at numerous manufacturing facilities worldwide for bullet proof vehicles, Armormax is the leader in armored car and bulletproof vehicles technology.

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9 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4YF, United Kingdom

Contact Details

1-801-393-1075 (via Whatsapp)

Armored Cars in London

Why Armor Your Car in London, UK?

Armoring your vehicle in London, UK provides an extra layer of protection for many dangerous situations.

Expert London Based Craftsmen

Our armoring team is the best on the planet, which is why we armor and bulletproof vehicles around the world.

Lightning Quick Turnaround Times

Get your vehicle made safer in less time. Depending on your armoring needs, we will have your vehicle ready in short order.