Armored Specifications

International Armoring Corporation (IAC) uses the most technologically advanced material for their armored cars. 


Armormax bullet proof lining Armormax® is the ultimate in light weight ballistic armoring material. It was developed and owned by International Armoring Corporation. Armormax® is the lightest opaque armor in the industry; it reduces the added weight on a vehicle by up to 60% (over traditional steel armoring material), making it the lightest weight armoring system in the world.  Armormax® is composed of a combination of sythetic fibers. The Armormax® composite technology is ten times stronger than ballistic steel, pound for pound!

Transparent Armor (Glass)

Referred to as Lightweight Transparent Armor or LTA®. LTA® is the material used by International Armoring Corporation for the armored glass in all its vehicles. LTA® glass provides a superior level of protection against the toughest security concerns, from random acts of street violence to Head of State protection. LTA is completely customizable for the desired level of protection needed for the vehicle. LTA can provide protection from smaller handguns all the way to armor-piercing rounds. LTA® is International Armoring Corporation's ballistic glass of choice.

The LTA Glass is made of composites of glass and polycarbonate substrates laminated with inter layers. This is done to absorb the energy and penetration from various ballistic threats through a process known as "controlled delamination." The inner layer of polycarbonate is used to prevent spalling (fragment release - bullet, jacket or glass) upon ballistic impact. To learn more about the protection capabilities of the LTA glass please refer to the protection levels page for clarification.

International Armoring Corporation designed LTA® is:

  • Distortion-free
  • Looks identical to original vehicle glass and maintains original appearance
  • Lighter and thinner than all-glass laminates or air-gap designs.
  • Unaffected by temperature fluctuations.
  • Offers dependable protection against a variety of lethal weapons.

Weld Free™

Weld Free™ is the most recently developed advacement from International Armoring Corporation. Weld Free™ is an independently certified method used to mount ballistic steel into vehicles without eliminating the ballistic integrity of the vehicle. For more info on Weld Free™ technology, visit our blog.

Vehicle Protection

Floor & Roof Protection

Floor protection and fuel tankInternational Armoring Corporation's dedication to bring tomorrow's technology to today's vehicles is evident in the armoring process. To ensure the safest vehicles, International Armoring protects the floor of the vehicle with a multi-layered ballistic nylon armor that is used to seal the entire floor of the vehicle. The floor armor is designed to absorb bomb fragmentation. The armor is concealed under the carpet and seats of the vehicle, maintaining the original appearance of the vehicle.  Additionally, the roof if the vehicle is armored, providing the same protection available on the doors and floor- allowing for 360° protection. All other parts of the car are armored, to provide the ideal protection that meets the needs of the client and vehicle.

Fuel Tank and Tires

A bulletproof car is only good as long as it's working, so that's why we provide additional armoring to assure the vehicle functions at all times. Armor is also placed surrounding the fuel tank of each vehicle to create an anti-explosive fuel tank. Optional run-flat tires are available for installation on the vehicle. Run-flat tires provide the ability to keep driving, even if the tires have been shot-out, allowing the vehicle to keep driving.

Suspension, Shocks, and Brakes

The Suspension of the vehicle (including shocks, springs, and/or sway bars), along with the brakes should be modified when a vehicle is armored.  International Armoring Corporation recommends its clients begin the armoring process with a heavier duty vehicle (such as a Suburban, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Lincoln Town Car, etc.)  This will help with the modification process of upgrading the suspension, shocks and brakes later on.


Automotive Design & Consultant Services

International Armoring Corporation specializes in providing automotive design and consultancy services to the world’s leading automotive, aerospace and defense organizations. Such activities have resulted in the development and manufacture of riot control vehicles, crash fire rescue, gunship vehicles and high mobility armored military trucks.