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See our bulletproof Cadillac section of armored Escalades and other Cadillac models. Learn more about how we can armor your Cadillac and other vehicles with our advanced technology that saves lives.

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Start driving a bulletproof Escalade for sale today From The Car Connection, "The Cadillac Escalade can hold its own against the more modern designs in many ways" If you are looking for a lavish interior and smooth ride this...

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The next generation armored Cadillac is the luxury Escalade ESV (2017 model) Is the arrival of the most anticipated generation of Cadillac’s crown jewel worthy merely of an introduction, or more of a celebration We would argue...

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This armored 2014 Cadillac Escalade ESV, armored to level B6 is a perfect example of tayloring your vehicle wants with your bulletproofing needs With a specialty 'blackout' vehicle custom designed to fit any circumstance The...

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21 Apr '20

Car Profiles: Bulletproofing a 2021 Cadillac Escalade

Armormax is taking reservations now for this beautiful behemoth in state of the art comfort. If you are seeking out new cars for the year 2021, one of the most secure new conversions that we can offer in the bulletproof…

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Bulletproof BMW 750 LI

31 Dec '14

Elections in Nigeria Create Growth for Utah Armoring Company

The elections are just around the corner in 2015 for Nigeria and a Utah armoring company is seeing the increased demand to provide bulletproof cars throughout West Africa. Mark Burton - CEO of International Armoring Corporation knows the feeling all too well.…

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windshield of a bulletproof ford truck

07 Jan '15

Pure Luxury from Lexani and International Armoring Corporation

Written by Jesse James When it comes to stunning craftsmanship and one of a kind detailing, the good folks over at the luxury car conversion company Lexani (and International Armoring Corporation) are ahead of the game. Today they return with…

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18 Mar '15

History of Armored Cars

It wasn't long ago when everyone thought of armored vehicles as these big heavy tanks that were only used by military and government officials. Today the perception of armored vehicles has changed a lot and they are more and more…

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Armormax Bulletproof Tesla Model S P100D 2018

16 Jun '15

Some of the Coolest Armored Vehicles Ever – Armormax

Coolest Armored Vehicles Ever Some people would give anything to ride in an armored vehicle. There is just something about the cool factor and the peace of mind that comes with riding in these protected vehicles. Everyday, International Armoring (also…

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06 Oct '15

New 2015 and 2016 Cadillac Escalades Armored Luxury Comes Standard

See armored Escalade ESV page: https://www.armormax.com/armored-cars/bulletproof-2014-cadillac-escalade-b6-plus From Car and Driver: Now in its fourth generation since its 1999 introduction, the Cadillac Escalade remains one of the automotive world’s patron saints of conspicuous consumption. Checking in 1.5 inches wider, 1.4 inches longer,…

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