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See our bulletproof Tesla section. Learn more about how we can armor your Tesla and other vehicles with our advanced technology that saves lives.

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The latest electric SUV from Tesla is the Y model Armormax® was the first company to offer and deliver and armored Tesla and now offers the 2020 Tesla Model Y version which is joining the Model X within Tesla's lineup of...

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Announced in November 2019 the Tesla Cybertruck has three model variations from 250+ miles, 300+ miles, and 500+ miles As seen from the newly released designs, the Cybertruck will sport a futuristic look and top of the line...

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With the release of Tesla’s second quarter 2019 results, the automaker claimed that Model 3 is not only still the best-selling car in its segment but also “outselling all of its gas-powered equivalents combined” [Source...

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International Armoring combines safety with style with the all-electric armored Tesla Model S Without compromising Tesla's sleek sedan design, Armormax® upgrades this eco-friendly vehicle to be able to withstand any attack...

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International Armoring’s engineering teams are ready to install custom lightweight armoring packages on latest electric car from Tesla, the Tesla Model X The armored Model X will be another example of how IAC’s Armormax...

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Are You Excited for Your Bulletproof Tesla Model Y?

Since 2003 Telsa has been changing the world with their electric vehicles and instant torque along with their beautiful design something that others thought was impossible on an electric car. Today the Tesla team is releasing and delivering the much-anticipated…

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08 Jan '18

Fastest Bulletproof Car in the World – Armored Tesla Model S P100D

Fastest bulletproof car in the world Ogden, Utah (January 5, 2017). International Armoring Corporation’s lightweight armoring division, Armormax®, has just armored a 2018 Tesla Model S P100D. The Tesla Model S P100D base vehicle is currently the fastest production sedan in the world…

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Did you get your Tesla Model 3 bulletproofed?

By the time Tesla announced the Model 3, Armormax had already armored and delivered the popular Model S version from Tesla (see here). As the first company to armor a Tesla we found the engineering and design incredible. At our…

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Jerry Rig Everything Shoots at an Armormax Bulletproof Tesla as Starman Watches . . .

Can a Tesla be made bulletproof? Armormax a custom armoring manufacturer based in Utah with facilities around the world worked with Zack over at Jerry Rig Everything who runs a popular YouTube channel showing how durable phones and a variety…

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Elon Presenting Cybertruck

15 Nov '19

Armormax® to build the first Armored Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla announced its latest vehicle on November 21, 2019. Armormax®, the worldwide leader in manufacturing and designing of light bulletproof cars, is offering their latest armoring technology for the latest product from Tesla: the Tesla Pickup Truck, aka the Cybertruck!…

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