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The coupe’s slippery shape and luxurious grand touring capabilities make this body style extremely popular among the armored car set. Many luxury coupes are extremely comfortable for short or long trips, and at the same time exhibit some of the most impressive performance numbers of any type of car. Additionally, coupes are generally shorter than their sedan counterparts and, correspondingly, have shorter wheelbases. This makes the coupe more nimble—easier to get out of tricky or dangerous situations in a hurry.

Armored Coupes

The armored Bentley Continental is a popular choice from both NBA players and CEOs alike for more than a decade and with the additional Armormax® protection make this one of the best luxury sports cars on the market With added...

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The bulletproof Mercedes Benz GLC 43 and other Mercedes sedans are perfect high-performance vehicles for driving in an armored car With the luxury, you expect along with the technology you need in protection from Armormax® you...

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See the dependable armored Subaru Crosstek Proving Armormax® can armor any make or model of vehicle see the bulletproof Subaru Crosstek with our innovative vault and security features While the Crosstrek might look rugged...

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With the release of Tesla’s second quarter 2019 results, the automaker claimed that Model 3 is not only still the best-selling car in its segment but also “outselling all of its gas-powered equivalents combined” [Source...

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When Aston Martin started out designing the Vanquish, their goal was simple: to create the greatest Aston Martin ever made They certainly lived up to that goal The Aston Martin Vanquish is absolutely stunning, inside and out The...

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This armored Aston Martin Rapide proves that limitless luxury can be combined with necessary protection Armormax® strives to exceed expectations, which was the reality for our celebrity client Because of our experienced...

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Bulletproof Backpack International Armoring Corporation

19 Mar '18

B6 Bulletproof Backpack Now Available

From the worldwide leader in lightweight bulletproof commercial vehicles comes the Armormax backpack armor insert. These panel inserts are capable of stopping an AR-15 and weigh a fraction of the weight of ballistic steel. These panels can be used in…

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Armormax Ukraine Bulletproof Hybrid Range Rover LWB World's First UA

07 Feb '20

Armormax® Ukraine is World’s First Company to Armor Range Rover Hybrid LWB Autobiography Series

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kyiv, Ukraine (February 7, 2020). Armormax® the first company to armor Tesla vehicles has become the first company in the world to armor Long Wheel-based Hybrid Range Rover Autobiography series. Built-in Kyiv, Ukraine by local and U.S…

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2020 Bulletproof Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG with Armormax Front

16 Jun '20

8 Car Protection Accessories You Should Definitely Have

Buying car protective accessories can help prevent any minor or major wear and tear that happens over time and eventually leads to a dilapidated car. Such add-ons will surely keep your car looking pristine and provide it greater longevity. Since…

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Bulletproof Jeep SRT TrailHawk with Armormax Off Roading

17 Jun '20

4 Important Things You Should Check on Your Car Regularly

Day after day, you rely on your car to get you and your loved ones from place to place safe and sound (see armored car protection). If you fail to maintain the condition of your vehicle properly, your negligence can…

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Armored Tesla Model Y Armormax Features

17 Mar '20

Are You Excited for Your Bulletproof Tesla Model Y?

Since 2003 Telsa has been changing the world with their electric vehicles and instant torque along with their beautiful design something that others thought was impossible on an electric car. Today the Tesla team is releasing and delivering the much-anticipated…

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Jerry Rig Everything Shoots at a Tesla

27 Aug '18

10 Myths About Armored Cars

Armored vehicles have seen progress over the past few years. From the advancement of technology to make the vehicles lighter and stronger to more efficient designs in the armoring. Our company Armormax has provided such advancements in our Weld-free armoring,…

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bulletproof dodge charger hellcat by armormax

04 Jan '19

2018 in Review Latest in Armoring Cars

Armormax 2018 in Review What Security Measures are you Taking in 2019? We are now releasing our 2018 year in review, highlighting the major ways Armormax changed the armoring industry and perfected the ability to add protection and safety throughout…

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Armored Yukon SLE and Security

11 Apr '19

Are You Ready to See Your New Bulletproof Car?

With more violence, there's no wonder why people are looking more into bulletproof cars. And while the demand in the United States keeps increasing, the market is even bigger in countries such as Brazil and Mexico. In Brazil, people are…

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Aston Martin DB5 Production

30 May '20

Armormax® Can Make any Car James Bond Ready

Not on the privileged list of 25 to buy the latest special order James Bond Reproduction DB5 Goldfinger Aston Martin?  Armormax® can help you get a piece of James Bond history. Armormax® can make any car James Bond ready.  Whether…

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2020 Bulletproof Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG with Armormax Rear Logo

01 Jun '20

5 Tech Add-Ons Your Armored Car Needs

Having a luxury vehicle like an Aston Martin or a Rolls-Royce can make you a hot target for carjackings — and even just plain assault. Of course, you’d want to protect yourself and your wheels. That's why it's crucial to…

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Elon Presenting Cybertruck

15 Nov '19

Armormax® to build the first Armored Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla announced its latest vehicle on November 21, 2019. Armormax®, the worldwide leader in manufacturing and designing of light bulletproof cars, is offering their latest armoring technology for the latest product from Tesla: the Tesla Pickup Truck, aka the Cybertruck!…

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front side view of an armored Mercedes Benz GLE 63

31 Mar '20

Armored Car Selling: Quick Tips for Selling Your Armored Car

Any form of vehicle can be considered an investment - especially considering the many perks it can bring its owners. Having a car means no longer having to suffer the daily commute, or no longer having to deal with traffic.…

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