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See our bulletproof Porsche section. Learn more about how we can armor your Porsche and other vehicles with our advanced technology that saves lives.

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The armored Porsche Cayenne: extreme elegance coupled with unstoppable security International Armoring Corporation turned this luxury Porsche Cayenne into a bulletproof beast with lifesaving Armormax armor IAC strives to assure...

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The Porsche Panamera is a luxury 4-door sedan with excellent steering and horsepower The powerful sports car has an amazing exterior that will catch the eye Few cars match the prestige of a Porsche sports car now with armoring...

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20 Aug '14

Utah Armoring Company Offers Clients Peace of Mind

By Cathy Mckitrick - The Salt Lake Tribune   Utah Armoring Company Tries to Offer Global Clients Peace of Mind -Armored Vehicles and Security Threats- Mark Burton’s customers are either insanely rich, very well-known or hold top positions of power…

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illustration for armormax facilities

06 Dec '16

Opening New Armoring Facilities

Featured Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash New Armoring Factories – The Things to Consider It is common knowledge that we we live in a particularly uncertain world (given the violence, political news, and social injustice everywhere). With a massive increase in different attacks,…

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09 Feb '17

Armored Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne In today's world, conflicts and hot-spots are very common. As a counter-action against these dangerous areas, armored cars are becoming more and more common, including an armored Porsche Cayenne. However, these vehicles are defensive and meant to escape and…

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04 May '12

Armored Cars Big Business for Utah Company

Today’s world provides big business for bulletproof cars In today’s unsettled world, Centerville firm tries to offer global clients some peace of mind. By Cathy Mckitrick | The Salt Lake Tribune First Published Apr 24 2012 07:06 am • Last…

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26 Apr '13

Bulletproof Mercedes-Benz S-Class – International Armoring Corporation

Armored Manufacturer: International Armoring Corporation Model: Bulletproof Mercedes-Benz S-Class Level: B6+ able to withstand high-powered Contact: 801-393-1075 Web: www.armormax.com Read the Original Story. The 2012 Mercedes-Benz S-Class ranks 1 out of 1 Super Luxury Cars. This ranking is based on our…

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