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11 Reasons To Get A Military Humvee Right Now

February 2, 2021 3 Min read
reasons to get a military humvee

Military Humvees, or High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), are military-grade trucks. They are strongly built as practically impenetrable vehicles. The best thing about these vehicles is they’re available on the market because military surplus humvees are sold to civilians. 

Below are more of these impressive military humvee specs that make these vehicles unmatched.

1. Indestructible Monster Tires Runflats

bulletproof Military Humvee

Military humvee tires are the most impressive on the market and large enough to cover all terrains. These 37-inch tires are thick and durable. The tread alone makes it impossible to hydroplane or skid in this vehicle. Even so, the overall height of the HMMWV is shorter than some other trucks on the market.

2. Made For Men, Not Comfort

These incredible trucks have serious power but without luxury and lavishness. The military humvee interior lacks an air conditioning system, as well as a stereo. Similarly, the seats are minimal, with a short backrest and limited back support. These military grade humvees are built only to get the job done, without any flashy features or distractions.

3. Great Ground Clearance

The Military Humvee Has Great Ground Clearance

Regardless of how steep something is or during off-roading, a military humvee will remain high off the ground with no risk of damaging the underside. The highly advanced design system features axels that connect to the top of the tire rather than the center, creating space for the undercarriage to sit higher than the average truck.

4. Always Off-Road Ready

Military Humvee is Always Off-Road Ready

Buying military humvee guarantees that you will always be ready to jump off the road. Not all cars are capable of this, as most cars are only two-wheel drive. With the HMMWV’s ground clearance and the 4-wheel drive, you’re guaranteed that this beast of on any terrain. 

Military Humvee is Street Legal

The HMMWV is completely legal to own, drive and purchase. As long as it is properly licensed, insured, and covered, you are safe to drive this impressive vehicle.

6. Submarine Capability

When it comes to on-road driving, military humvee street legality is complicated. Each state has its own regulations. However, it’s possible to make your vehicle street legal. This versatile vehicle is capable of driving on the road safely and legally and moving off-road at any point.

Military Humvee has Submarine Capability
Source: https://www.military.com

7. Made of Lightweight And Rustproof Parts

The military humvee engine has a fully waterproof engine capable of running underwater. Some HMMWV’s have the exhaust and intake valve on top of the car so that it can be fully submerged and able to drive underwater when needed. 

The military humvee parts are made mostly of fiberglass and aluminum, two unique substances that are durable, lightweight, and rust-proof. The lightweight lends itself to an improved military humvee gas mileage and makes the truck guaranteed to last. 

8. Unique Disk Brake System

Military Humvee has a Unique Disk Brake System
Source: https://predatorinc.com/

The brakes in most cars are set up to apply pressure and friction to the tires as you decelerate on the road. However, the HMMWV has brake pads that are built into the axel directly. The use of brakes higher up under the carriage of the vehicle will extend the brakes’ life because they are less exposed to anything you might drive through. 

9. Lower Roof Height

Military Humvee has Lower Roof Height
Source: https://www.globalsecurity.org/

The HMMWV is a unique vehicle, riding with a much higher undercarriage than any other truck but without becoming the tallest. This is possible because everything under the humvee is pulled up into the cabin, reducing space inside the vehicle. The roof height sits right at about 6 feet up, while more typical trucks sit closer to 7 feet. 

10. Can Be Thrown From Airspace

Military Humvee
Source: https://www.military.com

The humvee is equipped with loops around the vehicle’s frame, capable of being hooked up and holding the entire vehicle’s weight. The military uses this feature to transport humvees via aircraft and drop them from a plane via parachute. That’s how you know the Humvee means business. 

It’s easy to transport this vehicle wherever you need it. Also, who doesn’t want street cred for driving a vehicle that’s launched from outer space?

11. Removable Door 

Bulletproof Hummer by Armormax Humvee

Military humvee doors are easily removed by pulling straight up on the door. It will slide out of the hinge easily and allow you to replace them with any specific style door and create a custom military humvee or leave them off to make it easier to shoot from inside or move in and out easily while HMMWV is moving.  

Final Thoughts

Buying a military humvee could change your life and prepare you for any situation. With the incredible specs and features, the cost of military humvees is worth it. You’ll purchase a unique vehicle with more benefits than you can count on both hands.

Get a price quote for your military humvee right away!

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